A View of What’s New…

3/30/2019  Two new music videos added to the Video Mash-up, A new link to the Tiny Desk Concert Series.

4/1/2019 Mr. Williams stops by at Macabre Fabulas.

4/3/2019 Three new music videos added to the Mash-Up

4/13/2019 New Tiny Desk Concert link, New music video added.

4/22/2019 New music video added, Tiny Desk Concert series has concluded.

4/27/19 New post added, Lyndhurst Mansion plus photographs.

7/16/19 New page added. You absolutely must check out my vlog “Notes from the Bunker.” It’s a kick in your pants reality check.

7/18/19 A new and exciting must see vlog. Beware, I’m just keeping things real.

7/21/19 New look, new functionality, two new music videos!

7/22/19 My mug shot appears on every page, why not?

7/29/19 New vlog, this will blow you away!

8/1/19 New vlog, Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits. A thousand pardons for the technical glitch near the middle, green screen is a learning process, so let’s learn together.

8/7/19 Yet another vlog, Anchors Aweigh to High Island, and a new music video on the mash-up.

8/8/19 An explosive new vlog is up on Notes from the Bunker. Check out my bunker!

8/17/19 New  vlog, your jaw will drop when you watch this!

8/18/19 Stupid Things has been retired. Topics falling under this category will now be covered by Notes From the Bunker. Plus, for your added enjoyment, a new music video has been added to the mash-up.

8/22/19 New vlog, I have to get in shape!

9/1/19 Happy September! A new music video has been added to the mash-up and a new Vlog is up for your enjoyment.

9/19/19 A new vlog has been added entitled “Mr. Know It all?” Rest assured, he doesn’t. Plus, some new photographs on the Post page. Enjoy!!

9/20/19 Something new, just for you!! Check out the featured performance on the music video mash-up!

9/28/19 A new vlog is up and ready! Relax, you’ll like it!

10/28/19 A new blog post and new music videos added to the Mashup.

3/13/20 A new blog post and a new music video added to the Mashup.