Technology Out of Control


I read today that a self driving automobile killed a pedestrian in Arizona. This was bound to happen. The question is, why do we need driverless automobiles? Is actually driving a car that much of a burden? The whole concept is madness. Picture a highway jammed with self driving cars. Now picture a glitch with GPS or a malevolent virus rendering the cars uncontrollable. What happens? I don’t even care to ponder the mayhem that ensues. I am flummoxed as to why this idea is even being considered. Back in the sixties, we envisioned flying automobiles by the year 2020. Imagine cars crashing into buildings and falling from the sky. This was also a bad idea.

Another asinine idea is drones delivering packages? Why would we need this? How does a drone deliver a package to me if I live on the third floor of an apartment building? Does it shoot the package through my closed window? I hope not!

This goes hand and hand with what is called ” The Internet of Things.” You know, internet enabled appliances, thermostats, door locks etc. Why are these devices available? Why does my refrigerator need to be internet enabled? Why can’t I manually adjust my thermostat or unlock my door? These don’t seem to be exhausting or difficult tasks.

Recent intrusions ( hacking) into our power grid and water supply should teach us a lesson. Stop the madness! Luddites unite and use common sense! Get off your behinds and drive your own car, stop being so reliant on technology! Be in control and don’t be controlled.