Christmas in October?

Photo by John Lewis Bristol, “Christmas in October,” October 19th, 2012.

Merry Christmas!!

I love Christmas and all its trappings. It is without doubt my favorite holiday. It’s a festive, joyous time of year which everyone seems to enjoy. Family and friends gather together, gifts and best wishes are exchanged, holiday parties, colorful lights and decorations, what’s not to like? I found something…starting the festivities in late October! Yes, stores have their decorations up and holiday advertising has already begun. Sheesh, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Give us a break! Having been a retail executive many years ago, I remember the holiday season began in earnest the day after Thanksgiving, not the day before Halloween. Its four week run was something to look forward to, it was special. Now, by the time December 25th comes around, Christmas has already worn out its welcome. I understand the economics behind starting the promotions early, but really, October? Bah, Humbug!