Non Standard Standards

Some say technology has made our lives easier and far more enjoyable. Smartphones, personal computers, on demand video streaming and home theater systems were at one time the stuff of science fiction. Now, they are common place. When everything works properly, life is wonderful. However, when a glitch occurs, the remedy is often elusive. Disparate operating systems, incompatible software and non standard standards often thwart any attempt at making these devices play nicely with each other. You know you are in trouble when customer support is flummoxed. The fun begins when you are given conflicting advice and the problem persists.

The root of the problem is obvious. There are no standards which allow simple plug and play functionality across different products and brands. This opens the door to software conflicts and concomitant agita. Competition spawns innovation which dilutes standardization. As a result, I still can’t get an answer on how to simultaneously turn on my Samsung television and Sony sound system so sound actually comes from the speakers.