Hello, can you hear me?


Photo Attribution: CSIRO

I read that NASA has discovered seven Earth size planets forty light years away. These planets rotate around a sun and have all the requirements to support life as we know it. Scientists are doing somersaults! Extraterrestrial contact can’t be far behind!
This worries me.
We have been searching for extraterrestrial life since the 70’s. We regularly send radio signals deep into space providing our exact location in the universe, hoping that someone or something will respond. Wouldn’t it be grand to make contact? Think of all the wonderful things we could learn from our new alien friends. This of course assumes that our new compadres would want to be our friends. However, what if they viewed us as something inferior that should be conquered? History has taught us well that the weak do not inherit the earth. They are usually enslaved, exploited and eventually exterminated.
Stephen Hawking recently opined that chances are pretty good that contact with a species that has the ability to time warp millions of light years in a few seconds would probably view us as nothing more than pesky bacteria. I tend to side with him. Intellectually, Dr. Hawking is no slouch.
In my humble opinion, we should go dark, post haste. We should stop sending invitations into the unknown and should keep a very low interstellar profile. I, for one, don’t wish to be an extraterrestrial’s personal sock puppet.