An Old Friend

I have a friend who I have known for thirty years. I did not know him when he was a youth, but I did make his acquaintance later in his life. In his younger days, he enjoyed nature’s bounty and lived a relatively short albeit happy life, as his fate was surely sealed. He was born with a higher purpose, and so it was. Death would be quick and his metamorphosis a bit slower.

Our friendship began in 1982. I knew at once that we would be together for many years. He has always been by my side through different jobs. We have traveled together on long distance business trips and mundane, daily commutes. He has held business papers, reading material and sundry personal effects. Together we have lived the working life, being hired, fired, promoted and demoted. He has always been by my side and has always been nothing but reliable. Undeterred, through thick and thin, we have traveled an often bumpy road.

We are now in the waning years of our working lives, weathered and tired on the outside, but still full of life and hope on the inside. Our roles have been diminished. He is now a valet, carrying my lunch time sustenance and assorted medications. The important work is gone, such is life. Together, we will ease into permanent retirement and take on new roles.