Stupid Things

This page will focus on people, places or things that I consider to be just straight up stupid. I wish to thank all those present and future contributors who make living in this world a truly gut wrenching experience.

My first entry into this journal of absurdity is a sign that I discovered while walking along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail  in Dobbs Ferry, New York.  One must first understand that the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail is a linear state park. What is a linear state park? Don’t be stupid. Google Old Croton Aqueduct Trail and educate yourself. I can’t do everything for you, I’m not your mommy. Grow up or you just might find yourself on this page.

Anyway, the sign specifies that the “park” is open from sunrise to sunset. What? The trail is not really a park considering it is forty plus miles long and perhaps twenty feet wide. There are no swings, no basketball courts, no monkey bars, no water fountains, no benches…no nothing!  How is this rule going to be enforced? Will the state of New York hire 50 park rangers to guard the multitude of un-barricaded entrances and exits along its path. This is stupid.

The offending sign
The “park” is the dirt trail and foliage on either side.


This is really stupid! Some folks have way too much idle time on their hands.

Stupid x 10 

 I used to enjoy changing my screensaver at work. I would use pictures taken on my vacation to lift my spirits and take me to a kinder, gentler place that wasn’t the abyss called work. That all changed one day when my employer decided to usurp my authority and began to use the screensaver as a form of corporate brainwashing. I now enjoy an irritating array of corporate nonsense that is supposed to motivate me. It doesn’t! An example of this cringeworthy corporate-speak can be seen below.

Are they morons, idiots or imbeciles?

I love the video below. Ever wonder what would happen if you tossed a roll of copper wire onto a high voltage power line? Most people would never even consider such a highly dangerous and truly insane experiment. Meet our two friends in the video below. Somehow I think alcohol fueled with the mental prowess of a radish took control and yielded the following epic moment of stupidity.